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David Matas talks Chinese organ harvesting at Perth victim symposium

BY PERTHNOW Western Australia’s politicians and business leaders are being called on to help stop the mass slaughter of China’s political prisoners for organ harvesting. Human Rights Lawyer and Nobel Peace Prize nominee David Matas will talk at the 15th International Symposium of the World Society of Victimology in Perth on Tuesday. Mr Matas is…

Italian Congress Shows the Double Face of Organ Transplantation

italy_2014_09_26_francocitterio_rsz_crp_crp-676x418BY EPOCH TIMES

ROME—The congress of the Italian Society of Organ Transplantation (SITO) concluded in Siena, Italy, end September. Doctors and professional workers shared with the public the reality of a sensitive issue. From one side, Italy is one of the most advanced medical countries in the world, from another side, there is still poor information about the illegal organs’ market, which flourishes in some regions of the world.

Speakers who took turns on stage showed the same desire: give an organ to about 9,000 patients on the Italian waiting list. “We could do more,” said Professor Franco Citterio, SITO President, during an interview with Epoch Times.  “We see that when people are informed, the number of donations increases.”

Professor Citterio recalled the 20th anniversary of Nicholas Green’s death – the 7 year old American boy killed by mistake by the Mafia in southern Italy. His parents’ altruistic decision to donate his organs, saving thus seven people, was widely publicized by media.  The donation figures increased dramatically in Italy from that day, which reached 2,841 transplants in 2013.

Woman of Courage Award for Ukrainian Singer and Protest Leader

Ruslana, UkrainianRuslana Lyzychko, Ukrainian protest leader, encouraged Chinese people to rise up against the pathologies of the communist regime, like illegal organ harvesting from Falun Gong practitioners who are killed for profit.

Ruslana Lyzychko, the most successful Ukrainian singer and winner of the Eurovision Song Contest for Ukraine in 2004, received the International Women of Courage Award in Washington, DC on Thursday. Ruslana took part in the popular uprising in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, and spent months alongside demonstrators calling for change.

[Ruslana Lyzychko, Ukrainian Musician]:
“You know that justice is on your side and this gives you strength. If you are a positive person, you pray to God and you have strong moral principles, you have nothing to be afraid of.”